Top Five Cities In Germany

Planning or city hoping in germany is selection of Germany top five cities and destinations give  give you a great introduction to the city vacations Germany has to offer is the number five cologne founded by the Romes is one of the Germans oldest cities the solonderm the-to is the center   Perice of the cities and its rich architectural history its is well known for his contemperory art seen and excellent museums and largest cornevial celebrations in Germany

4. Hernerg at number five

is the only second largest city and located in the north of Germany its owns one of the biggest harbors in the world. And the famous for its lusary night life hub re pube which is also home to the cities red light district with several watch aways running through its Hernberg has many time champ with bridge than Amsterdam and base combined.

3Frankfurt airport

major hub for Germany and Europe and Germany the city is also financial center of the country which reflects Frankfurt training sky creeps.


Frankfurt host to many important events among them the international book fair  in October the biggest of its kind in the world

2.Munich the capital of Bavaria and the gate way to the apps most beautiful and green cities in the Germany. It offers first class museums in the traditional german architecture a salute to be-rial royal past get a true taste  in Munich hospitality collra and the  world famous bear in the October which attracts more than six millions visitors every year

1. Berlin at number is both German capital and biggest city in German after separating in east and west during cold war Berlin was reunited in 1990.

its quickly emerged as the most Cosmo-polition and exiting city in Germany in art architecture in night life the third most visited place in Europe fascinates young and old history levels architecture which in shadows and under night climbers the light ever you go experience the pulsating life in Berlin and over  170 museums and old galleries and 300   clubs and   700 bars and restaurants and many of which are open around the clock





By srava1kumar

One comment on “Top Five Cities In Germany

  1. Being Berlin-born & raised, I wholeheartedly agree that Berlin is the top city in Germany. At least it is in my heart 🙂
    Even though what’s surprising, when visiting I meet people there who were more tuned in to what’s happening than I am even though they just moved to Berlin recently, which is a kind of strange experience when you visit the city you’ve spent most of your life 🙂 But I guess that’s just a nice testimony to how dynamic the place is becoming 🙂

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